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China Perfect Industry Co., ltd was established in 1998 as the result of restructuring of a state-owned pump manufacturers and plants of mineral machinery and chemical machinery. During the past 20 years, we focused on the development and production of centrifugal pump, including long shaft pump (vertical turbine pump), vertical semi-submersible slurry pump, vertical sewage pump, axial and mix-flow pump, vertical can type condensate pump and gearbox. We have won a lot of national bids in power plant and ironworks projects, supplying our pumps with supreme quality and good after-sale services. Besides, we have done a lot of OEM for international brands. Our pumps present a good performance in the municipal, industrial, commercial, fire, water, wastewater, power, flood control, building-trade, utility and packaged system markets. Our pumps have been shipped to Southeast Asia, Russia, South America, Middle east, Australia, and Africa....

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Good quality comes from the pursuit of product ingenuity

  • >>Vertical turbine pumps are suitable for power plants, steel mills, water companies, sewage treatment plants, petrochemicals, mines and other industrial and mining enterprises, as well as municipal water supply and drainage projects, agricultural irrigation, flood control and drainage projects. They can be used to transport media such as clean water, rainwater, iron pit water, sewage and seawater....

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    Vertical turbine pump
  • >> Submersible Sump Pumps

    Made of malleable cast iron, high strength, corrosion resistance, small footprint, no water diversion required; single or double channel form, conveying sewage and dirt with particles, also used for pumping clean water and corrosive media. We comprehensively consider various factors and tailor the most suitable and economical product solutions for customers...

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  • >> Barrel bag condensate pump

    Vertical multi-stage barrel bag condensate pump (vertical multi-stage barrel bag small machine condensate pump) is a special multi-stage centrifugal pump. It is an efficient and energy-saving vertical multi-stage condensate pump product independently developed and carefully designed by our company according to market demand. It is suitable for conveying power plant condensate and other liquids similar to condensate...

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    Barrel bag condensate pump
  • >> Right Angle Gearbox

    Right Angle GearboxThe right angle gearbox is directly matched with diesel engines, horizontal motors or steam turbines, and is used for transmission and speed change of various pumps such as vertical long-axis fire pumps, deep well pumps, diagonal flow pumps, axial flow pumps, submersible pumps, etc. It can be widely used in farmland irrigation, water conservancy projects, municipal engineering, metallurgy and mining, petrochemicals, fire protection and marine engineering...

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    Right Angle Gearbox
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    Vertical turbine pumps, vertical sump pumps, right angle gearboxes for various industries

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